Monday, January 31

New Year, new sketchbook!

With hefty evidence that "practice makes perfect", or something close, everyone with the interest of self-betterment should aim for regular scribbles! Pages can get lost or tatty, but thanks to the supercool trend of internet 'blogging', this seems a reliable avenue for staying organised and creating a breadcrumb trail of memories.
With this first post I'll take the opportunity to say that what you'll find here may one day make it into being a finished/coloured image. Many won't. For those lucky ones, they'll eventually be posted to and most likely other linked sites, which I've taken the liberty of listing, up yonder.
This area of my 'network' is purely for dumping sketches, as the title suggests. They'll be in extremely low res. to deter kids using them on MySpace and whatnot. Also because they're fresh from the scanner and chances are I won't have done any watermarking nonsense. I'll use the tag-cloud for subject sorting anything posted.
Current work has adopted the theme of 'animals in mild distress'. With a cute twist. I shall continue to piece together website parts relating to, but until then please do explore the other suggested links!

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