Saturday, February 26

WIP ~ Occasus

..:: Finished Image ::..

It's a first for me, making an image that would benefit from detail shots. In retrospect I should also have taken screencaps throughout the process because with all the texture layers showing it'd have been a funny mess. Ah well, next time.
Hopefully the contrast will appear more or less the same for everyone, though I do need to look into monitor calibration ._.
Anyways, for more detailed images I favour perfecting the contrast first. Although 'levels' might save you later, once colour is down it's much harder to try correcting all the colour hues to rebuild light and shade. Hence, the colouring part of this image took no more than 30 minutes on an 'overlay' layer!
Textures used are my own stock, from photographs. Otherwise, most of this pic is made up of the brush tool on 'scatter' and an awful lot of blur. Lots and lots of blurred scribbles. Blur them, lots.
You might notice this critter isn't wearing a 'bottom piece'...well, that's because pants on animals look pretty silly, tbh.
Here's the comparison of coloured. Click for bigger, if you didn't know!

..:: Finished Image ::..

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