Tuesday, March 29

WIP ~ Tiger Warrior

Well, been super busy with new job and getting website bits back up that my doodling had to take a backseat for a while. Shame really, as I'm quite looking forward to how this next illustration will turn out!
It's a commission for my favourite 'regular' featuring another of his fantasy felines. End image will be digitally coloured and retain the pencil work. Hoping it'll be one of my best yet!
May update post throughout the progress, if I remember to take screen caps.

Aaaand here he is in his full-length glory. I'll be keeping a greyscale copy of this sketch, though I'm unusually optimistic about seeing him coloured. Did take a while I admit, but it's a good image I think and shall be able to use for the fantasy side of my folio. That and, I like felines =/
Will update once more when coloured, with a small preview and link.

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