Saturday, May 28

Animal Character Generator

That's just the little 'secret' behind my Rhino Mage.
As it stands there's a potential 10,300 unique idea combinations. I admit the PHP code may need a tweak, but it currently serves its purpose!

The motive behind it is primarily to solve 'art block'. But also, some of the generated concepts are great for practice/creating fresh portfolio stuffer by suggesting animals that usually go forgotten. The corresponding costume ideas make for extra amusement and some fun-looking little critters.
Here's how the "Rhino Mage" turned out for me...

..:: Arid ::..

I'm welcoming anyone to contact me if they have fun with this so I can see what it's generating and how others will choose to depict their character. Any awesome combinations I'll be happy to show off here :)

My next concept in the works is "Flamingo Geologist"!
Future posts containing images created with the Gen. will be tagged as "anthrogen" ;)

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