Wednesday, May 4

WIP ~ Rhino Mage

I have a secret, which I'll tell you when this pic is finished...

Anyways, next sketch up is a concept for a Rhinocerous Mage/Wizard whathaveyou. Clearly he doesn't yet look very magical, that part I'll render digitally and make him appear to actually be performing something. (Click for bigger)
Rhinos are great, possibly liking them a little more since having to look at so many images for this. His head was the best part to do, then the African-styled staff. Lots of wrinkles and details <3
I've tried to keep the anatomy as close to animal as possible, but an 'arm' bone did have to be removed to make the pose possible! There's some perspective in here, I'll try accentuate while colouring.
Quick WIP of first colour layer. Will probably need some extra detail textures and cooler shadow areas. That's all for now! ;D
Aaand here's another, just to show an in-between stage. Adding the 'magic' helped it along a fair bit, so I thought I share the fun I was having with the smoke. No fancy brushes or stock texture here, just good old fashioned wrist ache! Also, rhino has wrinkles now.
Next post will either be another sketch (as I should be upping my output) or the coloured final of Mr. Rhino.

Also, I really need to make my own background and blog header ._. It's on an extensive to-do list.

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