Tuesday, June 28

Wolf Brothers

Wolves... who doesn't like them?! Either way, I've had my own wolfie character concepts floating round me for years, but very rarely draw them nowadays.
This is where the image below spawned, realistic/neutral enough for 'the masses' yet with a bit of a twist enough to call them my own. I call them "Prinz" and "D'Laréme", almost stereotypical polar opposites as far as characters go, but not quite as far as evil/angel, because that'd be far too lame.
Wish I'd been bothered to scan WIPs of this, because it looked very strange with only half-faces completed. Anyway, it's an A4 piece done in a 0.5 technical pencil (if anyone's interested) which I worked on on and off over a week-ish. Next time I'll be brave enough to use some proper paper, like bristol board.
Above is the Photoshop tinted version (normal brush on an 'overlay' layer) for my personal needs, showing the two in their (un)natural colouration.

Only the high res. file truly shows what an effort this image was, and from this I'll sell prints and ACEOs  etc. of the grey-scale copy.

I'm still working on that 'Flamingo Geologist' challenge image, so I expect next update will be more WIPs. Unless I've magically become wolf-obsessed and try something like this one again... who knows.

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