Tuesday, October 4

WIP / Composite ~ Temple of the Horned Goddess

Finally! A process outline of the cover for an RPG adventure by Knightvision Games!
Above are the drafts we went through based on a sample text. First 2 are an exterior interpretation before I realised the landscape was in fact an indoor illusion. Latter 2 is more 'adventurer' style, focus on characters and the devils. Managed to clean up the composition on the 4th ;)

As I neglected to take screen caps through the actual painting process, this is more a layer-by-layer breakdown of the final. *click for bigger*
#1 - Laying out the room shape & fighting with the perspective & spacing for the characters. Burning in some depth & a dark back area for attention to the statue!

#2 - Decided to place the 'illusion' on the same wall/floor planes, attempting to make the field '3D' would just greatly clutter up the image around the characters, which are more important ;)

#3 - Utilised DAZ Studio for a quick composition aid - great reference for any tricky lighting situations & allows everyone to be shuffled round to ensure they fit the room before actually painting.

#4 - Not massively visible here, but this layer textured up the devils to make them more reptilian & edited away that default model face. (see detail crop) Tweaked their lighting.

#5 - Characters! The stage I wish I'd taken WIPs for, because here they looked terribly 'plonked'. Went with the fantasy archetypes: dwarf barbarian-ish with his leather & fur bits; human warrior in shiny armour; female magic-user who, in retrospect, I could have given elf ears to.

#6 - Lighting. Added staff/magic light as the main source & relevant shadows for everyone.

Final - Added a 'soft light' layer for blotting in much needed extra shade & a warmer central glow.

Temple of the Horned Goddess is a Labyrinth Lord/AEC adventure. Designed for 4-5th level characters, the adventure can be placed in any generic fantasy setting.
This book includes:
  • Over 25 pages spanning overland and dungeon encounters
  • Map for the Village of Hardin's Point
  • Overland maps of the surrounding jungle and the Skinks lair.
  • Detailed maps of the Temple of the Horned Goddess
  • New monsters to challenge the PCs
  • New magical items and weapons
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