Monday, November 7

Logo ~ Cyleak

Whilst this little project was completed some months ago, I felt I'd still like to write about it and give a link to Cyleak...
About: A project destined to be a source of high quality audio for use in movies, games and other media.
Its aim is to provide an interesting selection of personalised and customised compositions for game developers, movie producers and anyone else seeking variety of sounds for their work.
Samples: Check them out on the homepage HERE!

The keywords for the logo's concept were 'turtle', 'soundwave' and 'speaker'... so here's the initial ideas I had!

#1 is the original idea Cyleak roughed out for me, neatened up a bit and added the desired colours just for visual aid. #2 is a little more abstract using the shell as the main theme and a bit more 'tribal' feeling. #3 perhaps a little too out the box, the soundwaves aren't going to be highly visible at 'icon size'.
The bottom design is the final, pretty much a mix of all the ideas' best bits and the one we decided to polish up into the beauty below (with Illustrator CS5).

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