Saturday, November 19

WIP ~ Winter's Herald

2nd product by Knightvision Games I had the pleasure of contributing to! The cover style was given a more minimalistic revamp so this time my assignment was to create a creature figure as the 'centrepiece'!
Crystkin: Bi-pedal, chaotic, half-dragons with blue-white crystallised skin and stubby wings. They use a breath weapon called 'Cone of White Out' and wield crystal weapons.
#1 - First idea with all the elements in. Imagined their armor-like skin to be encrusted with rocky gems.
#2 - Suggestions were for a sword-swinging pose, stockier figure and some glowing!
#3 - While the 2nd pose was okay'd, I went ahead and did some home improvements. Gave him a slightly more Tyranno anatomy and corrected the pose for a little more dynamic.
#4 - Here he is with his base texture down and main colours & details. At this point I hadn't quite decided how to tackle his crystal parts and how much ground to add, considering he was to be placed on a pre-made cover layout.
Finally added a background just for gallery purposes and changed the ice-breath colour to increase visibility against the pale cover.

My other assignment for this same rulebook was for an interior piece in black & white, showing the 3 archetypal characters encountering a 6' ice-elemental warrior inside a cavern. Naturally I imagined it to be glistening and gem-studded.
I like it when I nail ideas within 3 attempts.

"Winter's Herald" is a DnD/Labyrinth Lord adventure set in an arctic-like environment and contains several new monsters to encounter! See a preview & buy a copy HERE! (Also on Lulu, and Magcloud in print!)

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