Wednesday, December 21

Bird Food

During the cold months it helps to have a bit of chub! Animals especially can suffer as they're constantly out on foraging duties.  Watching our own puffball birds in the garden inspired a few pics last year, finally got round to finishing this one on a more relevant theme.
~*~ Feeding Ideas ~*~

Fat Cakes
Perfect Winter food containing seeds or insect matter. Be sure to remove any mesh bags!
Crushed nuts are great, whole nuts may present a choking hazard - put them in a wire feeder. Birds don't like salted types either!
Best in Spring for feeding up chicks, but they'll love these all year round! If you're not keen on live ones, it's nice to soak the dry variety in water to compensate.
Niger/Nyjer Seed
Good an' fatty! Very small so require a special feeder, or mix them into other foods, or place them in a tray.
Sunflower Seed
Husks take effort to remove, so you can buy hearts/kibble instead.
Half a fresh coconut can be used as a case for your own fat-mix once they've picked out all the goodness.
Set aside a tub you can save your waste in & tip in the garden. Fruit, bacon, rice, cat/dog food, cheese, cereal, breadcrumbs are all appreciated!
Apples & pears. Bonus if you have Holly & Ivy bushes growing for their berries!

Breakfast and supper are the best meal times for birds before the cold nights take their toll. Even animals appreciate cleanliness, so make sure the uneaten food is periodically cleaned away to stop molding!

Info. nutshell'd from the BBC Autumnwatch page ~ Some great photos to be found and many other wildlifey tips for all.

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